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   Talk to Friends & Neighbors  


Questions to Consider

What most concerns you?

  • The risk of chemical contamination of our air and water? What is the cost to our health?
  • Excessive withdrawal of water from streams, rivers, and the aquifer? How much can we safely withdraw before we lose our water supply? How will aquatic ecosystems (and the wildlife they support) survive?
  • The loss of forest and farmland to a network of well pads, pipelines, and roads? What will be left of our properties and priceless rural landscape?
  • Truck damage to local roads and bridges? Who will pay for maintenance and repairs?
  • Lost property value due to industry-related accidents? Who will compensate home owners?
  • Noise, light and dust from rigs, compressors and 24/7 truck traffic? How will that affect our quality of life?
  • Underground chemical dispersal and above ground chemical spills? How are they compatible with mandated federal goals for saving Chesapeake Bay?
  • Inadequate regulation of the gas industry at the state and federal levels? Faced with budget cutbacks, how can we adequately monitor thousands of wells, plus the transportation and proper disposal of frack water?
  • Exemption of the gas industry from the provisions of the federal Clean Water and Clean Air Acts, and more? Why does the industry need these exemptions?
  • The lack of preparedness at the municipal and county level? How do we get adequate ordinances in place to protect us before drilling starts?
  • The real long term costs to government and society? After the promised economic boom, what will we be left with?

Get Involved!


Make your voice heard. Write a short letter sharing your questions or concerns with your elected officials. (For letter writing help, including names and addresses, see the Letters page .) Our government leaders need to know that we've been watching the effects of hydrofracking and intensive un-natural gas production in other states, and that we can't let that happen here.


You are not alone!

Consider the list of questions above. (Click here for a printable copy of the questions.) Change the questions as needed to reflect the problems that will face your community. Add your own questions and concerns. Also print out the contact info for your local elected officials. (Click here for a printable copy of your legislator contact info if you live in Broome County or Tioga County.) Make copies. You can also pick out appropriate documents from Resources & Documents and print them up.

Now you are ready to host a gathering. Invite a dozen friends and neighbors in for coffee or a drink, and talk about what hydrofracking would mean in the area where you live. NYRAD can give you a DVD to show called 'Rural Impact'. You can also watch the 20 minute NOW interview of filmmaker Josh Fox with clips from his award-winning documentary 'Gasland' . Before the party's over, invite everyone to write a short letter to one of their legislators or town officials. See the Letters page for letter-writing help. Finally, ask your friends to repeat the process with their own family and friends.

Form a local NYRAD group

When you reach out to your friends and neighbors, you'll discover resources within your community for addressing some of these critical issues. As a network we can share information. Please let us know what you are doing. Write us a note on the Contact page . We'll get back to you by email or phone, whichever you prefer.